My Night Out In Liverpool | Lucha Libre | Dia + Noche | Furnivals Well | Review


A few weeks back, I took some family & friends out on a little adventure to Scouse Land to celebrate my mum’s birthday… I’ve only ever been out and about in Lpool about 5/6 times before, so it seemed like a great opportunity to head slightly further afield than my usual nights out in Manchester CC and try out some of the new venues Liverpool has to offer!

We visited some amazing places on our travels, we ate mouth-watering Mexican food, and consumed cocktails that I have never even heard of, let alone tasted before… which is uncommon if you know me well as cocktails are like my BFF.

We celebrated into the early hours at some uber cool & quirky hot spots and the only downfall to this is that now I’m going to have to travel further for my nights out because I’ve fallen in love with what Liverpool had in store for us!



Lucha Libre was our first port of call for the evening – Mexican is my all time fave cuisine, and there’s no question about it, it really did not disappoint! Based in Liverpool City Centre’s Ropewalks District, the venue itself is in a great location, surrounded by other bars/clubs – inside it has an authentic Mexican street vibe feel with both benches and booths, split over a few levels.


We ordered the Street Food Tray (£22.50) which is more than enough for two people – it comes with 3 x Pibil Taco, 3 x Chilli Cheese Taco, 2 x Chicken Tostada, 1 x Chorizo & Potato Quesadilla & mole black beans.


Dirty Fries (£4.95) – a mixture of sweet potato and spicy fries smothered in sour cream, melted cheese and pork & beef. Everybody dining with us LOVED these, they were amazing, but not exactly light on the calories. Oops.


And for dessert, the White Chocolate Cheesecake…. Perfectly smooth, amazing mixture of flavours with the added strawberry coulis, I would definitely order this again!



There wasn’t anything that I ordered and didn’t like – the Food Tray’s are great, especially for groups of people because you can order a few different ones and get to try lots of different tacos!

When it comes to spicy food, I’m about a pathetic as a person can be. I don’t do spicy. So fear not, if I can handle it you’ve got nothing to worry about! That being said, there’s a great and varied selection of options to choose from so if you’re a spice lover you’ll do just fine.

The staff were all super helpful, gave us recommendations on what to order & how much for our group and generally we felt very much well looked after. The restaurant has a relaxed, laid back vibe without any of the usual gimmicks and I can’t wait to go back for another visit!

You can find them on TWITTER // INSTAGRAM // FACEBOOK


Photo 30-01-2018, 20 33 22.jpg

After our food we headed just a two-minute walk away to one of Liverpool’s newest cocktail bars Dia + Noche which is simply beautiful, with exposed brick walls, an awesome feature bear, neon signage and some fab architectural features.

DJ Anton Powers is one of the team behind the independent café and cocktail bar, which offers it’s guests healthy tapas dishes and an extensive cocktail menu. It also offers it’s customers free WiFi and power points under the tables, offering a creative hub for city centre workers looking to get out of the house/office to get some work done.

The cocktail menu is what dreams are made off, opting for new and marvellous creations as opposed to the stand cocktail lists, there is something for every taste. When it comes to great cocktails, you get what you pay for – although they may be a bit expensive, it’s worth it!

Photo 30-01-2018, 20 33 55

This venue is aesthetically stunning, the staff were all fab – especially the bar tender who helped us out with some suggestions. The cocktails were heavenly and the venue had a great atmosphere and a killer DJ set.

You can find them on TWITTER // INSTAGRAM // FACEBOOK



Without a doubt my favourite venue of the evening has to be Furnivals Well, although the taxi driver had no idea where he was going, it was only a 5 minute taxi journey from Dia + Noche, to our final destination for the evening!

This wonderfully quirky and minimalistic cocktail bar is jam-packed full of history and character – having transformed a 1800’s police station into this unique venue gives its guests much to talk/learn about… keeping original features from its prison days – you can kick back, relax and get merry in one of the prison cells/booths.


Furnival’s Well is based around Charles Dickens, who visited the old jail back in 1860 when he was doing his research for The Uncommercial Traveller. Lived in London in Furnival’s Inn at the time he was penning The Pickwick Papers, which is where this new venues name derives.

Keeping lots of the original features, including the cells and huge metal doors that once kept law-breakers locked away, but now they’re used as private booths for a new kind of resident. With exposed brick, and original outdoor features that give a nod to the buildings heritage, the drinks also pay homage to the vast history, thanks to some clever menu design.



The cocktail menu has one-of-a-kind creations like nothing I’ve experienced before, and having sampled a good 7 or 8 of them, I can confidently say that this is my new fave venue for cocktails!

What made it extra special was the staff, they’re more than happy to give you a history lesson of the building alongside taking your orders… we had some great chats with Furnival’s manager – and it was great to speak to somebody who clearly enjoys the work that they do!

…and it also helped that he looked like Bradley Cooper!

You can find them on FACEBOOK // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM

Whether you’re after a quick bite to eat, some chilled cocktails or a big night out on the town, these three venue’s were all ace! I can’t wait to return in the future – especially to Funrival’s!



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