The Worlds Most Expensive Stir Fry | Cook With Circulon | Sweet Mandarin, Manchester

Earlier this week I was invited down to Sweet Mandarin in the Northern Quarter of Manchester to witness what should probably only be described as the most prominent moment since the birth of Jesus… Ok, I might be slightly overselling, but what I was lucky enough to witness, and more importantly, TASTE, was THE WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE STIR FRY – and in my book that comes in as a pretty close 2ND!

Created by Circulon, the foodies’ favourite cooking brand and award-winning chef Lisa Tse MBE, the opulent dish features the finest of ingredients including Wagyu beef, rare shimej mushrooms, lobster, truffles and premium whisky.


World's Most Expensive Stir Fry with Circulon Wok 1

This record-breaking Chinese Surf & Turf, takes an hour and a half of preparation, boasting 26 ingredients & takes 30-40 minutes to cook in the new Circulon Ultimum Wok, which has been designed especially for Asian cuisine.

Just in time for Chinese New Year, The world’s most expensive stir fry will set you back £437 – and thats just the cost of the ingredients! To enjoy the Dish at Sweet Mandarin it’ll burn a £1,000 shaped hole into your wallet (or purse)!

Lisa, CEO of the Sweet Mandarin restaurant in Manchester voted by Gordon Ramsay’s ‘F Word’ as the best local Chinese in the UK, came up with the mouth-watering recipe to celebrate the year of the dog which starts on Friday, 16th Feb.

It is made of Chinese infused hoi sin sauce Wagyu beef, with tempura sweet chilli lobster and served with shimeji mushroom, sweetcorn egg fried rice infused with black truffle chilli oil. The price is based on a serving for two people.

The food was gorgeous, with lots of flavour and depth – my favourite part of the dish was definitely the Lobster in Tempura Batter! Stir Fry’s are one of my fave dishes because you get to experience lots of different types of food, and what Lisa has created is wonderful, it might have a slightly hefty price tag, but as a well deserved treat this is definitely something I would eat again!

World's most expensive stir fry with Lisa and Helen by Circulon and Sweet Mandarin

Lisa said:

“Everyone loves surf and turf, and this has to be the most indulgent, and in my view, best combo! It’s perfect to celebrate Chinese New Year or even have this Valentine’s Day,”

Lisa has also created a more price friendly version of the recipe for those who want to recreate the dish at home for the more modest sum of £48.80.

And to join in the celebrations, Circulon are running a special offer on the Ultimum Wok priced at £94.99 instead of £135, with offers available on a range of other products as well. Circulon is a global brand with a 30-year heritage and is the perfect range for home chefs. The brand is renowned for its unique high and low grooved circles which work to create healthier and tastier dishes.

HERE you can download the recipes from the Circulon website to try at home – and you can share your own creations with them on: INSTAGRAM // TWITTER // FACEBOOK




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