Week #2 | Weight Loss Diary | I Lost 3 LBS! (8TH – 14TH JAN 2018)

img_1568Finding time to write these posts alongside going to the gym and being active almost every day is proving to be more difficult than the actual exercise itself! Ok, I’m being slightly overdramatic, I hold my hands up – it’s my fault the weekly updates are being posted late. From next week, I’m going to start working on them throughout the week rather than after the week is over!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand…. Week #2 is complete and I lost another 3LBS, taking my total to 7LBS in two weeks – and that’s not bad going if I do say so myself. If I carry on at this rate, I will have lost a stone for the month of January which would be awesome.

Now, just as a side note – I have been documenting my weight loss progress, I got a print off of my weight from the GYM after my first week (which is kind of causing me some OCD vibes) I should of got one on my first day – but alas you’ll all have to take my word for it. I’ve decided to keep my weight to myself for the moment, I’m sure in a few more weeks as these posts build more of a following and interest, and my weight loss journey gains more momentum and progress, I’ll be sure to upload photos of these print offs to confirm my weight loss.

Until that day comes, you’ll just have to hang on in there and assume I’m not completely making all of this up… (I’m not)

Also, I’ve been using the App Twinbody to give me weight loss inspo and support from others – for those of you that aren’t aware of it, it’s basically like twitter but for people looking to lose weight – it’s an amazing asset to weight loss and I’d highly recommend it to anybody looking to lose weight. You can follow me on it at _LeeBennett.


So, as I discussed in my week #1 post, I’m going to start using my Fitbit to monitor my fitness and progress, and share it with you guys. This week I smashed all of my Fitbit goals apart from 1 day – but I MORE than made up for it on the other days…



Now, time for some quick maths Big Shaq style – daily step goal is 10,000 steps per day, so this week, minus the 4,396 steps I was lacking on Friday the 12th, I took an additional 17,268 steps – BOOM.

I tried to work out most days – I think the only day I didn’t visit the gym was the 12th (but it’s recommended that everybody has a rest day) – if you work out too much you could end up hurting yourself, therefore being counterproductive towards your weight loss goals.

And, I also went on at least 5 walks/hikes – which in this wonderful British weather was slightly challenging but alas I persevered, so if I can, that means you can do too! No excuses.

My favourite hike of the week was with my best gal Katie – we went on a 5 miles hike around a big woodland and reservoir, it took about an hour and 40 minutes to complete, we walked through fields, bogs and little rivers – my trainers were absolutely soaking and I was slightly scared of getting trench foot, but we powered though and lets just say I was aching by the end of it.



This week I focused a lot more on my diet and what I’ve been eating – I was so impressed with one of my meals I decided to instagram it and I think I’m going to continue doing this with my future concoctions – so you guys should all definitely give me a cheeky FOLLOW.

It was a really simply, quick and easy Quorn chilli with Cauliflower rice but it was super tasty and filling – it literally took me 15/20 mins max to make and if you make a lot you can meal prep for other days throughout the week.


Frozen Quorn Mince (300g)
Caulirice Original
Cherry Tomatoes 
Passata (500g)


Quorn mince is great because you can cook it from frozen, and it’s ready in 15 mins – on the packet they advise that you make the sauce first and then add the quorn, but I like to all all the other ingredients together first and start cooking them using a bit Fry Light coconut oil spray and then add the Passata afterwards because I want the spices and flavours to blend with the quorn mince first – like you would with normal mince.

Using the measurements that I use, you get two good sized meals out of this – but this could easily be turned into more if you were cooking for other people or meal prepping.

Each meal is only 350 cals – which is amazing because it’s extremely filling, and very low fat/cal for a main meal. You could also have some veg with it to make sure you get your greens in! And, it’s also quite cheap to make which is another plus. (see pictures on instagram link above)

More generally, I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of meat I’m eating (both for my diet and for the poor animals) – I’ve been substituting a lot with quorn, but the main meats I have been eating are Chicken, Turkey and Ham. I’ve been keeping it plain and simple for the moment – lots of veggies, sweet potato, I’ve replaced bread with Ryvita cracker bread. For something sweet I’ve been having Muller light yoghurts and Go Ahead diet bars.

In terms of cravings I’ve not really had many, I’ve managed to be quite strict with my diet this week and have pretty much ate completely clean (minus a bit if popcorn with some friends one night). I’m more positive than ever about being able to continue with that weight loss journey – if I can do it for two weeks, I can do it for four, and so on…

As always, thanks to everyone reading and sharing my blog posts – you’ve all be fab so far, I’ve had a lot of support from friends, family and my followers on social media. Stay tuned for week #3!



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