Week #1 | Weight Loss Diary | I Lost 4 LBS! (1ST – 7TH JAN 2018)

Whenever I’ve tried dieting/exercise in the past, it’s always taken me two weeks before I see any results – normally after the first week my weight would stay the same, so when it came to weigh-in Monday (for future reference I weigh myself every Monday morning for the start of the new week) I was reluctant to step onto the scales in fear that I would have remained the same or worse… But I was super happy and pleasantly surprised to see in my first week I’ve lost 4 pounds, which I think is amazing for week 1 – I couldn’t be happier and it’s given me the encouragement and drive that I need to carry on into week 2!

Week #1 really started for me on the 2nd of January 2018 – I didn’t eat particularly bad on New Years Day, but I did have a meal with my family (and some cake) which wasn’t the best diet wise, and I didn’t do any exercise… so, since Tuesday the 2nd I’ve been both eating healthily, counting my calories and also going to the gym and on walks/hikes.


Obviously your diet is a huge part of losing weight, so I’ve completely changed what I eat, and my eating habits. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to monitor my calorie intake, its amazing because all you have to do is take a photo of the bar code of the food you’ve eaten and it has all of the food content for you.

I’ve been aiming to eat no more than 1,500 calories per day but have been varying between 1,000 and 1,500 – and to be honest it’s not actually been that tough, but I guess it is only week 1.

Some of the main changes I’ve made to my diet are things like cutting back on carbs, obviously not eating foods with high sugar and fat contents like sweets, chocolate etc – but also cutting out things like bread, potatoes (swapped for sweet potatoes) rice etc and I’ve been eating kind of basic meals but cooking them myself instead of using pre made sauces or microwave meals/food because I know exactly what’s inside it and I can add in herbs and spices etc to my specific taste.

I’ve still been eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – but I’d say I’ve probably lowered the calorie content by half of what I used to eat. For Example, my meals for Wednesday last week were:

BREAKFAST (9:30AM): 4 Ryvita Cracker Bread (76 Cals), with Philadelphia Lightest soft cheese (36 Cals), and Sweet Chilli Chicken Slices (230 Cals)

Total Calories: 342

LUNCH (12:30PM): Home Made Vegetarian Chilli – Quorn Mince (166 Cals), Chopped tomatoes with garlic and onion (58 Cals), Baby Plum Tomatoes (32 Cals) Chopped Garlic and Chilli flakes with Cauliflower Rice (68 Cals)

Total Calories: 324

DINNER (5PM): Salmon Fillet (240 Cals), Sweet Potato wedges (not packaged or seasoned but diced up raw sweet potato in the air fryer with fry light coconut oil spray) (188 Cals), with Broccoli and Carrots (58 Cals)

Total Calories: 486

SNACKS: Low Fat Muller Light Yoghurt (90 Cals)

Total Daily Calories: 1,242

You’ll notice from my meals on Wednesday, I’ve opted for Quorn Mince as opposed to Mince Beef, because it’s a great source of protein and drastically fewer calories/fat.

I also swapped normal rice for Cauliflower rice – I’ve been using a brand called Cauliflower Rice, and I think its fab, it comes in handy microwavable packets just like normal rice – and its roughly 5 times fewer calories, and is pretty tasty too.

And, in replacement for normal potatoes, or chips etc I’ve chosen Sweet Potatoes – much better for you far fewer calories and to be honest I think they’re miles nicer than normal potatoes. I buy them from Morrisons, already diced up and frozen so that they last longer but with no oil or fats added to them – and I cook them in an Air Fryer with Fry Light Coconut Oil 1 Cal Spray, they go nice and crispy but soft on the inside.

Nobody has time to calorie count for every meal, every day – My Fitness Pal is a great way to keep track of how much you’re consuming, and also once you’ve used it for a meal if you have the meal again in the future you already know the calorie content. It’s been great for me because I like working out what I can have for each meal and look forward to making it – over the next few weeks I’ll be exploring different foods/recipes ideal for weight loss as I discover them myself.


The past week I went to the gym every day except for Saturday – I’ve not set up a plan with the trainers as yet because I just wanted to get back into the swing of things, I’m already familiar with the equipment and I just went ahead and kind of created my own little regime.

I’ve been spending between 45 minutes to an hour per gym session actually on the equipment – focusing fully on cardio, I’ve been using the cross trainer, treadmills, bikes, stair master and rowing machines. I do a minimum of 15 – 20 minutes on each machine that I use and I’ve been monitoring my distance and levels on each machine so that I can gradually increase it and create some longer-term goals.

For example, I go on the bike for 20 minutes, and pushing myself I’ve been able to achieve 5KM distance every 10 minutes, so 10KM in 20 minutes – so next week I might aim to get it to 11K in 20 minutes, setting myself small, achievable goals each week/month, instead of ridiculous ones which I would probably never achieve.

As well as the gym, I’ve been going on lots of walks and hikes – roughly for an hour a day. I use a Fitbit Charge HR to track my progress and I’ll be sharing the results each week with you guys starting from week 2. My daily goal for the moment is 10,000 steps a day which is what anybody looking to stay fit or lose weight should be looking at achieving.

My Fitbit is great because it also helps me keep track of all my stats, how long it took me to complete the walk, how many calories I burned on the walk, the distance I travelled on the walk etc, so that I can also set myself future goals for this, such as completing the walk faster, increasing my speed etc.


I’m extremely happy with how my first week has gone, 4 LBS down and actually enjoying the exercise and food – I think something that’s been a great aid to me as well is that a lot of my friends have been coming with me on hikes, and I’ve got a regular gym buddy and together we’ve been encouraging each other and I feel like this is something I’ve lacked in my past dieting attempts.

I can’t wait for the week ahead, and to share with you guys my progress, if there is anything you’d like to be included in my weekly blog posts, any suggestions or ideas, then leave a comment or send me a cheeky email, hello@leeantonybennett.co.uk

As always, thanks for reading guys and stay tuned for next weeks update – if you’re on your own weight loss journey, you got this… stay positive, focus on small, achievable goals and celebrate the victories no matter how big or small they may be!



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