Hello you lovely lot, just a quick intro on what this new section of my blog is going to be covering, if it wasn’t already abundantly obvious…

Christmas and New Year are over for another 12 months – so it’s time to set some New Year goals, put down the tins of Heroes and chocolate cake – and set out on a weight loss journey that is hopefully going to change my life.

Following a diet & weight loss routine is a difficult challenge, it requires commitment, dedication and will probably at times feel as though it’s time to give up and throw in the towel – but I am going to persevere, encourage myself each day, celebrate the small victories and hopefully make positive steps towards a new me.

I’m writing this Weight Loss Diary for me more than anything else, I feel that if I’m constantly documenting my progress, downfalls and everything else in-between, it’s going to help keep me focused and on track, it will allow me to break my weeks up and learn from my mistakes whatever they may be. But I am also doing it for you guys, to come on this journey with me, to experience the ups & downs and to hopefully help each other.

If you guys, like me are looking to change your lives for the better, lose weight & get healthy in 2018, then lets do it together, lets encourage and support each other, lets work together towards the same goals and share our tips, tricks and experiences. I welcome all of you lovely lot to comment below, or email me at if you have any tips, or help or support you want to share with both myself and my blog – and I will be sure to mention them in future blog posts!

I will be posting weekly progress updates of my journey, weight loss/gain, what I’ve been eating each week, & what exercise/activities I’ve been doing – giving a full insight into everything that I’m doing to work towards the new me!

I’m going to be brutally honest, to talk about things that I’ve never dared discuss before, and to try and change my own mindset about dieting and weight loss, as well as those who read my blog!

Stay tuned people, I’m very excited & optimistic about this.



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