Muse Bar & Eatery Review | Uppermill, Oldham

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Every town has a restaurant or bar that when you speak to the locals, comes with recommendations in the boat load, the place you simply MUST visit when you’re in the area.

Well for the quaint village that is Uppermill, that place is Muse Bar & Eatery – having grown up in Lancashire, I know the area well and have many friends dotted around different area’s of Oldham – and one recommendation that kept coming my way was indeed that of Muse.

A relatively new restaurant, owned by none other than Hollyoaks Actor, Rob Norbury.

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The restaurants interior has a strong industrial feel, very airy and modern, with floor to ceiling windows. The room we were dining in was specially equipt with it’s own canopy roof, prefect for those summer months out on the terrace (I’ll definitely be returning next summer to experience this), and a sophisticated decor of exposed brick and marble tables.

Those of you that follow my blog will have noticed that I haven’t posted a restaurant review in a while, having been busy with other projects/work and my personal life. But, I literally couldn’t of kicked off getting back into the swing of things any better than with dining at Muse.

What an experience.

I honestly do not have one negative critique of this restaurant, it surpassed expectation and was without doubt the most enjoyable and satisfying dining experience I’ve had in several months.

So, what did I have to eat?

To start, we ordered Cheese Croquettes (£8) served with charred chorizo, saffron aioli and crispy onions, and the Gourmet Burger Sliders (£10) which are made up of a beef patty, monterey jack cheese, lettuce and tomato. I struggle to decide which one I preferred, they were both equally amazing morsels of food, adding a new level of flavour and excitement to some classic British dining.

For our main meals I chose the famous Mixed Grill Skewer (£12 or, £19 for two skewers, which is great value for money but totally unnecessary if you’ve already had a starter), made up of chicken fillet, beef fillet, sausage, gammon, sriracha mayonnaise, roast vegetables and charred piegatta bread.

I’ve had a skewer kebab since this meal and it was nothing in comparison. This was perhaps my favourite course of the whole meal, all of the meats were cooked perfectly, they all tasted extremely tender and of high-quality, and the sriracha mayo was just fab. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. TMI?

…My date for the evening opted for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken (£16) served with skinny fries, chicken gravy, house slaw and baked beans.

Her Verdict:

“I was really impressed by the quality of the food and service throughout the meal, I enjoyed every part of my meal and would definately return in the future – I loved how modern and on trend the restaurant is and had a fantastic time.”


To end what had so far been a wonderful evening of mouth-water food, accompanied with cocktails that rival Manchester’s finest, we decided on sharing the Nutella Gnocchi (£7) served with salted caramel ice-cream & chocolate sauce, and the New York Style Baked Cheesecake (£6) with strawberry compote & granola.

Both of these desserts took my tastebuds on a journey of self discovery that I still don’t think I’m quite fully over. The Granola mixed with the cheese cake was just fantastic, such a marvellous idea! And the dessert style Gnocchi was just as exciting, like little doughy Nutella balls sent straight from heaven. Yum.

I’ve said it already but the cocktails rival some of Manchester’s finest, with the cocktail menu comprised of both classic & innovative creations. My absolute favourite of which being the Mango Iced Tea. What a cocktail, basically a Long Island Iced Tea swapping the Coke for Mango Lemonade. Genius.

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Now, the icing on top of the cake… I need to give some serious love to Rachel, quite possibly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met/had the pleasure of being served by. Thank you so much for looking after us, you made our dining experience much more enjoyable.

You’re channeling some serious Miss Honey from Matilda vibes and we loved it.

We had an unbelievable evening of beautiful food, great service and a warm welcoming atmosphere.


27 High Street



***I was an invited guest at the restaurant for the purposes of a honest review, all opinions expressed are my own***


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