GIVE ME Cosmetics | Bubble Mask Review


It’s been all over social media, and everyone from Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan to Celebrity Big Brother’s Steven Bear have been using this product…It’s the latest craze to strike the internet, and everybody who’s anybody is purchasing this new go-to face mask, but is it all that it’s cracked up to be? or is it just another quick celebrity cash-in?

Well, the guys at Give Me Cosmetics were kind enough to send me some products from their new range to test out and review for you guys, and out of all of them, the new Mud Bubble Face Mask is definitely my fave. I’m partial to a face mask from time to time, I mean it’s important to look after your face, you only get one…

bubble_mask_done_1024x1024@2xAccording to their website, Give Me Cosmetics new Bubble Mask is:

“A deep cleansing, detoxifying, exfoliating clay mask made from natural mud that contributes to pore and oil control. The mask is designed to react with the oxygen in the air, creating tiny bubbles which help the ingredients sink into your skin for maximum nourishment.”

So, what did I think after using the Bubble Mask? 

Before I review a product, I think it’s really important to use it more than once – the first time you use a product might be slightly or even completely different to what you think the second or third time around, but for this product I have to say I’ve used it a good 4/5 times already, simply because I genuinely feel that it leaves my skin feeling soft, fresh and clear.

I regularly use a charcoal based Face Mask for men which I love using, but I notice that it always leaves my face feeling slightly dry with a bit or a rough texture, whereas after using the Bubble Mask over the past week, it not only gives your face a deep cleanse, but it also leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

I will definitely continue to use this product in the future, it’s simple to use, leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and doesn’t break the bank. You can leave it on for as little as 10/15 minutes and therefore it’s easy to slot in to your daily routine.

It’s also VEGAN friendly and contains natural mud which is amazing for the skin.

How do you use it?

After washing your face with warm water and patting dry, apply a thick layer evenly across your face, and wait for 10/15 minutes while the ingredients work their magic.  Reacting with the oxygen in the air, the mud face mask slowly turns into bubbles, which helps the ingredients in the mask soak into your skin.

What do I love about this product?

When the mask starts to bubble, it creates a tingling sensation which kind of tickles but at the same time shows that the mask is reacting with the oxygen in the air and that the face mask is working.

After you’ve waited the 10 minutes, by now the foam has significantly increased in size, meaning that you’ve changed from looking like a person wearing a face mask, to some sort of alien monster – which makes for a great selfie.

I would definitely recommend this Bubble Mask to my readers/followers – ideal for a cheek night of relaxation alone, or with a group of mates. The first time I tried it out was with a friend and we found it absolutely hilarious – but not only is it funny to watch develop, it’s also leaves your skin feeling clear, cleansed and ready for a new day.

To order your Bubble Mask, and to check out the other products from Give Me Cosmetics, you can click HERE.

Want to know what’s inside the new Bubble Mask?



***I was gifted this product for the purposes of a honest review, all opinions expressed are my own***


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