Charcoal Tooth Polish Review | SmileCo


It’s hard to remember a time where I haven’t longed for products to make my teeth whiter – starting off in my late teens I’ve tried just about every product you can think of.

From chemical based bleaches/peroxides, to whitening strips, chewing gum, whitening mouth wash, stain removers, bleaching trays etc you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

Well, last week I was sent a new teeth whitening product from the fab crew at SmileCo that’s relatively new to the market, and having seen lots of celebrities and influences advertising these products online of late, I wanted to try it out for myself.

Now unlike many products out their online, SmileCo’s Charcoal Tooth Polish is 100% Natural Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish, made from Coconut Shells. It’s an all natural, vegan product that is said to drastically improve the whiteness of your smile by removing surface stains. Not only that, but it also supposedly strengthens your gums, removes toxins from your mouth and absorbs bacteria.

How To Use:

1.Gently dip your wet toothbrush into the powder

2.Gently brush your teeth in a small circular motion

3.Rinse well and spit carefully into the sink

You can watch how I got on with my first time using the product in the video below…

What I thought of the Product

So, I’ve been using the tooth polish for just over a week now, and it’s safe to say this is a product that I’m going to continue to use as part of my daily routine. I could see clear results after only a few days of using the product & my teeth have never looked whiter.

Currently costing £11.99 – you can purchase the product HERE & give yourself a naturally whiter smile.


***I was gifted this product for the purposes of a honest review, all opinions expressed are my own***


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