Evelyn’s Café & Bar | Northern Quarter, Manchester

With cause for celebration, I finally got to check out Evelyn’s Café and Bar this weekend in one of my favourite area’s of Manchester – the Northern Quarter (N.Q). Having submitted my dissertation for my masters degree and thus completing my MA Multimedia Journalism course at Man Met Uni just hours earlier, naughty food and copious amounts of booze were calling my name. Repeatedly.

Located on Tib Street, near Affleck’s Palace – this beautifully open plan space allows you the opportunity to observe as the chef’s prepare your meal. With it’s exposed brick walls,  floor to ceiling iron beams and quirky interior, Evelyn’s embodies everything that is the N.Q.

Offering its own unique food and cocktail menus, with a strong Asian inspired theme, Evelyn’s really is a one of a kind eatery. With a list of cocktails I can guarantee won’t be found on your generic cocktail menus, these unique concoctions will take your taste buds on a journey, and the food is just as amazing. But you also need to bear in mind that Evelyn’s is a Café and Bar, meaning that the menu choice for food isn’t huge – however there is a good selection, and it’s all super healthy… I’m pretty sure you won’t get these types of dishes everywhere.


My friend and I both opted for the Crispy Duck Plum Salad to start, it was light, the duck was cooked perfectly and the Plum Salad was very refreshing. For our mains I chose the Laska (Laska, Rice Noodles, Chicken Egg, Charred Corn, Coconut, Cashew and Chilli) and my friend had the Chicken Skewers (Chicken, Peanuts, Soba Noodles, Citrus) with a side of Egg Fried Brown Rice.


My dish was beautifully presented, with lots of vibrant colours, and I honestly thought it was lovely – I would definitely eat it again. However, I also got to try my friends main and that dish was even better than mine. The Chicken Skewers were gorgeous, full a different flavours and spices, mixed with the Egg Fried Brown Rice it all just tasted heavenly. When I go again I will 100% be ordering the Skewers.

For dessert I had the Apple Crumble with Creamy Custard and my friend ordered the Chai Tiramisu – both were very enjoyable, and tasted freshly made. At Evelyn’s desserts are served differently, with dishes being served out in front of you – this unique way of serving offers a home-cooked vibe which adds to the overall homely, Café style atmosphere.

The waitresses that served us were extremely friendly, and in a sense were a welcomed change from other restaurants – the staff interact with you more like friends as opposed to waitress and diner, which again adds to the overall vibe of Evelyn’s and makes your experience a lot more personal and special. I will definitely be returning in the future, and would recommend Evelyn’s to anybody who wants a beautifully cooked meal, within a cosy, unique atmosphere.

Evelyn’s is the best of everything that the N.Q has to offer.



M4 1NB


Twitter: @EvelynsCafeBar
Instagram: EvelynsCafeBar


***I was an invited guest at the restaurant, for the purposes of a honest review, all opinions expressed are my own***


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