Around the World Bar | The Printworks Manchester

So I went to check out The Printworks latest offering, the Around the World Bar, which is essentially a bar within a bar, which sounds quite odd, but what I discovered is that it’s actually a very chilled, laid back bar with a great vibe, and one that I will definitely be returning to in the future!

AND it’s INSIDE the very popular Bierkeller, so you can go and have a bite to eat, chill out and enjoy one of over 100 different types of beer, or the cocktails (my personal favourite was The Zombie) and then go into Bierkeller and get crazy, dance on the benches and even have your own beer tap on your table, what more could you want on a night out?

All Around the World bar MENU

The Bar itself is located downstairs inside Bierkeller – when we arrived it was a lively atmosphere, it was busy but not overcrowded. The service was great, all of the staff were lovely and we were made to feel welcome from the minute we arrived.

Despite the food menu being small, everything we ordered was lovely and it all came out very quick – we were asked if we were ready for our mains after we finished our starters which was nice, and it all tasted great. If you’re looking for a quick, cheap meal and some chilled drinks, this is definitely the place to go.

Most importantly, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to fund your night out – the food and drinks are very fairly priced, which is a rarity in Manchester these days.


My favourite part were the cocktails – they have a great selection to choose from and I must admit, I tried at least 5 different ones and they were all spot on. So despite Bierkeller and Around The World Bar being known as a lads bar, there is something on the menu for everyone.

We finished eating at about 7PM and by that point the bar was probably twice as busy as when we got there, although we didn’t stick around all night you could tell it was the type of place that turned into more of a party scene in the evening. As we were leaving the music started picking up, and it was getting a lot livelier – the perfect place to start off your night out.


Whether it’s a chilled beer after work, or a late one with the squad, this bar is definitely a good shout. In Manchester now we’re seeing more and more bars/restaurants that are over priced, pretentious and they’re all very samey.

At Around The World Bar you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing, the drinks are cheap, the food is good and it has a great atmosphere.

We need more bars like this in Manchester.

For more info about the bar you can check out the website & you can also follow them on Twitter: @MancATW




***I was an invited guest at the restaurant, for the purposes of a honest review, all opinions expressed are my own***


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